NWA eHACCP Solution for Food Safety

Improve your HACCP compliance while you reduce your costs and improve your process performance.

Studies have shown that active process management and continuous process improvement enable successful HACCP safety compliance. NWA has expanded its established system of plant-floor data collection, process management, analytics, and quality improvement to encompass HACCP-compliant data collection, management, and reporting to provide a powerful food-safety and quality-management system.

HACCP programs are the standard to meet FDA/USDA food-safety compliance and supply-chain contract requirements. However, the cost of collecting HACCP data manually is an expensive overhead for your operational budget.

Automate the HACCP process to reduce costs and improve HACCP compliance and reporting.

Northwest Analytics has created an integrated, automated solution to electronically collect HACCP data, validate the information, provide proper reporting with electronic signature security, and integrate with NWA Quality Software for managing and improving processes.

The NWA eHACCP Solution

The NWA eHACCP Solution is an enhancement of the NWA Quality Information System installed on your Microsoft SQL Server to provide 21CFR11-compliant data storage, management, and reports with FDA/USDA-compliant electronic signatures. The official HACCP document can be printed or stored. The NWA eHACCP Solution with NWA Quality Analytics provides a powerful, integrated solution that helps you manage and improve processes.

eHACCP diagram

Reduce operating costs with the NWA eHACCP Solution.
Time Savings and Performance Improvement

  • NWA eHACCP will significantly reduce the time your Quality Team spends manually collecting safety and quality data while producing better process management.
  • NWA eHACCP will reduce the time your HACCP Supervisor spends on basic paperwork such as verifying HACCP data and reporting. Your skilled staff can better focus on important problem solving and operational improvement.
  • Your Quality and HACCP Managers can produce analytics and reports for FDA, USDA, customers or internal management more rapidly and reliably.

Paperless Electronic Data Collection and Proper Record Management

  • You can significantly reduce data-collection errors that result from manual data collection, transcription errors into spreadsheets or other databases, and additional manipulation to create the proper reports. The highly configurable user interface allows quick and effective data capture that can be used by a wide range of operators.
  • Electronic data collection facilitates better traceability and analytics especially in handling multiday analysis and problem monitoring.
  • NWA eHACCP ends the stacks of raw data-collection papers and provides a proper database of HACCP information and reports for safety management and rapid retrieval.

An Automated, Turnkey Solution

  • NWA is the leader in Quality Analytics solutions and has worked with FDA, USDA, and leading food processors to develop the NWA eHACCP Solution.
  • The NWA eHACCP Solution includes consulting on the process of converting from paper-based to paperless system to increase the conversion success.
  • This solution not only simplifies meeting regulatory requirements, but significantly reduces cost, providing a very short return on investment…weeks, not months!


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