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Micro Saint Sharp 3:
Everything You Need in Simulation!

Micro-Saint-Sharp-rgb1 Built off the very successful Micro Saint engine, but completely redesigned to be faster, modular and more powerful! Micro Saint Sharp is a general purpose, discrete-event simulation software tool. Micro Saint Sharp’s intuitive graphical user interface and flow chart approach to modeling make it a tool that can be used by generalists as well as simulation experts. Micro Saint Sharp has proven to be an invaluable asset in both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies and in many areas including the military, human factors, health care, manufacturing, and the service industry.

Micro Saint Sharp’s power, flexibility and tools for optimization make it the simulation tool of choice for any organization. With a computer model of your process built in Micro Saint Sharp, you can begin to get the answers to your “what if” questions. What if I change the way humans work with the system? What if I change my resource mix? What if I rearrange the process? Find the answers with Micro Saint Sharp quickly and completely for systems of all sizes, shapes, and complexities.

Micro Saint Sharp Version 3.0
– now with floating licenses and a new task grid editor! There are still 3 ways to view your models: network diagram view, 2D animation and 3D animation. Download a free demonstration version or contact us at microsaint@adeotscience.com for further information about this new version.

See a Live Demonstration of Micro Saint Sharp
Join us for a live demonstration of the latest version of Micro Saint Sharp and see the sharpest idea in simulation modeling. All you will need is a phone, a browser, and 30 minutes. To sign up for our next live demo, please send your contact info to microsaint@adeotscience.com. The demo will be held via WebEx and once you sign up you’ll get an email that confirms all of the details.

Features of Micro Saint Sharp

  • Microsoft Visio import/export
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • More Power
  • Flexibility
  • Increased Execution Speed
  • Better Visualization
  • Customization
  • Interoperability
  • Optimization

New in Micro Saint Sharp Version 3.0

These new enhancements can be found in this release:

  • Use the new Resource Limited Constraint object to automatically represent resource limited processes. All you need to do is add the
    Resource Limited object to your network and specify which variable represents the resource – Micro Saint Sharp takes care of all the other logic.
  • Use the new Capacity Limited Constraint object to automatically represent capacity limited processes. All you need to do is add the
    Capacity Limited object to your network and specify the capacity of the process.
  • Use the new Grid Editor to view, edit, and print your process data. Modelers can now view their task data in three ways: as a Process
    Diagram, in the Tree View, or in a Grid.
  • Use the new Immediates Window to help debug your models during execution.
  • Perhaps the most significant new feature is the ability to Export Runtime Only Versions of a simulation, guaranteeing that your models can be distributed without compromising their integrity.
  • Enhanced support for setting key simulation Input Variables. An automatically generated form reflects the value of tagged variables, and allows them to be changed before a simulation is run.
  • Selected Snapshots Automatically Open when the simulation is complete.
  • Updated printing for your network diagram and grid views.
  • Updated Manuals and Help Screens.
  • New Floating License supports both installation on either a client machine or a networked server machine.

Other useful recent enhancements include:

  • Import your existing Microsoft Visio business and technical drawings and make them into process simulation models
  • Create reusable modeling components with Referential tasks and paths which will reduce your overall model development time
  • Better visualize and add scenarios with the new Scenario Viewer
  • View new reports including tasks and scenario time-line reports
  • Find things quickly with the new “Go To” window
  • Turn off entity merging which greatly improves model run performance
  • Save time creating snapshots with a new automatic variable data collection option
  • Store output files where you want them for easier comparative model run analysis
  • Improved performance
  • Updated overall look and feel
  • Improved communication plug-in that allows users to export model data to spreadsheets easily

Here are some capabilities of Animator3D:

  • Create a virtual environment that represents your desired process with 3D moving images
  • Explore your virtual world with enhanced viewing capabilities that allow you to rotate objects and tour models from any angle
  • Use our built-in 3D objects library with models from multiple industries to get you started creating realistic, detailed scenes
  • Navigate through your virtual world by zooming in and out and rotating with ease
  • New 3D objects for military applications and landscapes
  • Integrated with your simulation model
  • Uses Microsoft’s latest DirectX technology

System Requirements

  • 90-Megahertz Intel Pentium-class processor
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
  • 150 MB of free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000, 98, ME (Operating systems must support the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0)

Micro Saint Sharp Sale Package
Included with every sale of Micro Saint Sharp is:

  • Micro Saint Sharp Version 3.0 software
  • User Guide
  • Hardware Key
  • One year of unlimited technical support
  • One year of software updates

Technical support is provided by telephone, fax, or email and is designed to assist with general modeling and debugging questions. When your year of support expires, you can purchase an additional year for a nominal fee.


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