Simulation Interoperability With Micro Saint Version 4.0

Simulation Interoperability With Micro Saint Version 4.0

Recently, customers requested that Micro Saint have the capability to dynamically communicate and exchange information with other software applications. In response to this request, a capability called COM Services was added to Micro Saint.

With COM Services & Micro Saint you can develop:

  • Quick and easy customized simulation tools
  • Dynamic, seamless data exchange with other software applications
  • Inter-model communication among different simulation models
  • Real-time interaction with Micro Saint, allowing simulation changes on the fly.

With COM Services, a user can begin the process of setting up interoperability using Visual Basic, Visual C++, the High Level Architecture RTI or some other programming language as the middleware between Micro Saint and another application. Included with COM Services are command line capabilities that will allow users to start, stop, and continue the model. In addition, users will be able to pass variable values into and out of Micro Saint.

The COM services module is an optional add-on to Micro Saint. To learn more about COM Services, please contact us at or call us on +49 69 9675 9610.


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