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WinWedge FAQ

What Does WinWedge Do?
What Instruments Are Supported By WinWedge Pro?
How Does It Collect Data from Any Instrument into Any PC Application?
How do I Know I Can Rely 100% on WinWedge?
Does WinWedge support 2-way I/O? Can it control my instruments?
What is the difference between the versions?
What are the Special Benefits of the Pro version?
What extra do I get with WinWedge Pro?
Is It Easy To Use?

What Does WinWedge Do?

WinWedge is essentially a user configurable serial device driver. It allows you to input data from a device connected to a serial port on your PC directly into any other Windows program. You can think of it as “wedging” instrument data into your application programs! WinWedge (the SoftwareWedge for Windows) easily adds RS232 serial data acquisition capabilities to EXCEL ACCESS statistical programs… MMIs… LIMS… etc. With WinWedge Pro sophisticated instrument interfaces are created in minutes.

WinWedge eliminates the need for custom programming or hardware “add-ons”. And, because it is a software-only solution, you can easily use it on lap-top or portable computers. Collect real-time data from multiple devices on many serial ports simultaneously. At no extra cost!

What Instruments Are Supported By WinWedge Pro?

ANY instrument that you can plug into the serial port (RS232, RS422 or RS485) of your PC – Typical devices include gages, scales, sensors, meters, bar code readers, micrometers, densitometers, pH meters, CMMs, PLCs, communication systems, laboratory instruments, etc…

You will never need a specialized serial “device driver” again… WinWedge Pro is a universal serial device driver! If you have questions about your specific application please call 800-722-6004 or email: Our technical sales staff will be happy to assist you.

“We find the SoftwareWedge very useful for our many laboratory instruments. It is versatile and supports data collection into any application.” – John Manwaring Eco Physiology Lab., Utah State University

How Does It Collect Data from Any Instrument into Any PC Application?

WinWedge transfers data received through a serial port to other applications by either converting the data to Keystrokes or by passing the data using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). The keystroke method is extremely simple. Serial data just “pops” into your application as if it were being typed in! This method is the most popular as it is so easy to use. The DDE method enables you to create extremely sophisticated data acquisition and device control interfaces.

WinWedge even lets you add additional keystrokes or DDE commands to your incoming data so that the data plots automatically into spreadsheets, databases, MMIs, LIMS, statistical and control software. You can even automate real-time data charting and analysis.

Install the Wedge and watch data “pop” into your applications today! Easily eliminate slow, error-prone, manual data entry forever.

“Excellent package, easy-to-use, a great time-saver” – John Ambrose, Inco Ltd., J.Roy Gordon Research Lab.

How do I Know I Can Rely 100% on WinWedge?

WinWedge fully buffers all input so your data will never be “lost” or inaccurate. It is in use in thousands of mission critical applications worldwide. In the 9 years since the first SoftwareWedge (for DOS) was released, it has proven itself completely reliable.

Does WinWedge support 2-way I/O? Can it control my instruments?

As well as collecting incoming data, WinWedge can also send commands or data strings to your serial devices. Hence you can automatically re-set your device or prompt it to take more readings. WinWedge Pro has many advanced features to let you easily create sophisticated 2-way serial I/O interfaces.

With complete support for bi-directional serial I/O, you can even transmit prompts or commands out the serial port to control your instruments directly from within any PC application. Or you can define button-activated, hot key activated or timer-activated output strings to control your instruments directly from WinWedge.

What is the difference between the versions?

Two levels of the SoftwareWedge are available for both DOS and Windows. The “Standard Editions” of the Wedge are designed to work with most simple instruments including electronic balances, bar code readers, gages or other devices that generate very simple text data (i.e. data that only needs minimal parsing and filtering, such as single field data).

The “Professional Editions” of the Wedge are more advanced software products with many additional benefits including the ability to parse and filter more complex data structures, such as reports of data. They are designed to interface a wider range of instruments including PLCs, pH meters, titrators, CMMs, telephone systems, and other instruments that generate more complex data. They support Binary, Hex and Octal data as well as ASCII. The Pro versions also provide numerous advanced benefits to help simplify data collection.

What are the Special Benefits of the Pro version?

The Pro version has many powerful benefits, including:

  • Advanced parsing, filtering and formatting capabilities…
  • Advanced instrument control and output options…
  • Extended DDE support for powerful data collection and device control interfaces…
  • An optional Disk File Logging Mode…
  • Support for multiple serial ports…
  • Support for up to 56,000 baud…
  • 30 powerful Math Functions etc

What extra do I get with WinWedge Pro?

WinWedge Pro includes TCPWedge FREE. TCPWedge is similar to WinWedge except that it is designed to communicate with any TCP/IP network port address from within any Windows application. It has all the features of WinWedge Pro except it communicates over TCP/IP networks, such as Ethernet and the Internet, instead of over RS232 serial ports.

WinWedge Pro is our most popular product!

Is It Easy To Use?

Absolutely! It is extremely easy to use! The configuration process is fully menu driven and has complete, context sensitive, on-line help. You can easily customize all input to your exact specifications. Once you see how easy it is to use WinWedge, you will never again take data readings by hand!

“Loved it! Easy setup.” – Bob Neves, Microtek Labs

“If you canít figure it out, they will help you… and they donít charge! Iíve been pleased as punch!” – Philip Cox, Engineer, Memphis Light, Gas and Water.


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