WinWedge Customer Reviews

SoftwareWedge is in use worldwide in thousands of “mission critical” data collection applications – including laboratory, quality control, manufacturing, process control, inventory management, telephony and bar code data collection. These WinWedge customer reviews are typical of the letters we receive:

“Excellent program, easy to learn, with a wide range of applications” – Thomas Mirris, R & D Engineer, Florida Production Engineering

“Excellent, easy to use package” – Gary Box, Senior Design Engineer, Graco Inc.

“Great product. Iíll be buying additional copies for new systems being built” – Martin Bishop, Allied Signal Aerospace

“In all my dealings I have never encountered the level of customer service that I experienced  with your company. What service! I was not only impressed but I will use you as a standard in  the future. TAL you are tops in my book. An A+ for service!!!” – Doug Hayes, US Army.

“Very Powerful and Easy to Use” – Ken Parks, Combustion Consultants, Inc.

“Great Product!” – Michael Panaserich, President, Summit Ridge Farms.

“Works Great” – Mr. Kit Wilson, Sr. Systems Analyst, Boeing Canada Technology Ltd

“Before the Wedge we considered using HP Instrument BasicÆ to write a program for data collection from radioactivity monitors. However this would have required programming and the interface produced would not have been as intuitive to the students as EXCELÆ. We chose the SoftwareWedge for its ease of use and its ability to provide a transparent serial interface into EXCEL. I am very pleased with the Wedge. It is exactly the tool I need for our application. It was a real godsend. I am particularly pleased with its ease of use and would absolutely recommend the Wedge for other laboratory data collection. Thanks for making a great product!!” – Brian Jones, Lab. Coordinator, Physics Dept., Colorado State University

“Very good product. Fills a real need and Works Great!” – Walter Deen, President, Merit Prints Atlanta, Inc.

“Great Product!” – David Bowden, X-Rite (manufacturer of densitometers and spectrophotometers).

“A brilliant concept, easy-to-use, well documented” – Terry Jones, Data Electronics.

“I feel the Software Wedge will greatly enhance the desirability of our equipment. I am particularly pleased its ability to edit incoming serial data to the requirements of existing software programs. I would highly recommend this product for data collection from RS232 devices. Great Program! Wish Iíd thought of it!” – Jim Bartell, Engineer, Cinema Products Corp.

“I very strongly recommend the Software Wedge. It is enabling us to perform very difficult environmental baseline data collection in Aekhangelsk, Russia. I also appreciate the very helpful technical support I received.” – Mark Perry, Environmental Services, Ltd., Alaska.

“Great Tool!” – Dan Berdovich, Berdovich & Associates

“In the past we used MeasureÆ for data collection but found the SoftwareWedge to be far more powerful and versatile as it supports all versions of Lotus, as well as all other spreadsheets and applications. We also find the serial utilities that come with the Wedge very useful. We often use ComShow (the RS232 diagnostic program) to debug serial communications with our numerous laboratory instruments” – John Manwaring, Research Associate, Eco Physiology Lab., Utah State Univ.

“This is the 2nd one weíve bought. Great Product – What a time saver!” – Wes Prais, Becton Dickinson

“Very Cool” – Stephen Bailey, Quality Alarm Service.

“Excellent Software Package!” – Paddy Mallon, Teagasc, Grange R & D Center

“How efficient and easy-to-use your SoftwareWedge program is! Obtaining data from our gauges is now a trivial task.” – J.M. Martin, Lucas Girling, S.A.

“A great program with many possibilities!” – Mikael Bystrom, Ericsson Anslutningsstems AB, Sweden.

“We are astonished by the speed and accuracy at which your company works. Congratulations!.” – Koen Verholen, Software Engineer, TVL

“If only some of our UK suppliers were as responsive! ” – Graham Honey, Altec Products Ltd, England.

“Quick response to queries and fast delivery” – Kenneth Cheung, Quality Engineer, ACL Electronics (HK) Ltd..

“The Software Wedge performed exactly as the ad said it would. It is transparent to the user and yet allows us to communicate with any Windows program. We are very pleased with the software and its ease of use. We are particularly pleased with the character translation abilities because they allow us to configure the Wedge to communicate with various programs. We would recommend the Software Wedge to anyone with a unique serial communications problem, or any application using serial transfer into existing programs. The Wedge allows us to add serial communications to existing programs which had no such ability.” – Travis Perry, Engineer, Crest Industries

“A Great Package!!” – Paul Geisler, Chemical Analyst, National Dairies Ltd., Australia

“Good Stuff – works 1st time!” – Richard L. Hertig, Hurtig Technical

“Very useful, appears well written, performs it’s intended function very well” – Neale German, Systems Specialist, OPSCO Systech Instrumentation, Inc.

“Very good stuff and easy to use” – Bruce Wyman, Technical Liaison, S.D. Warren Company.

“I like it!” – Glenn Quinland, Process Engineer, Keebler.

“Great Software, solves many comm. problems.” – Steve Biela, Elf Atochem North America, Inc.

“Your Technical Support has been Great” – Mark Skinner, 3M.

“Well written manual” – Alan Halecky, R & D, Block Drug Company, Inc.

“Works Great” – John Zink, Hewlett Packard.

“Loved It! Easy Setup” – Bob Neves, Microtek Labs

“Works Great!” – Alan Catterson, Engineering Dept. manager, General Systems Solutions, Inc.

“I Like It !” – Don Fries, Owner, Kelburn Engineering Co.

“Great Stuff!” – Bernhard Stimmel, President, RSD Inc.

“This program seems very flexible” – Cindy Brayley, Systems Programmer, Control Devices, Inc.

“Nice Program” – P. Vos, Facit.

“Excellent Product!” – Kenneth Carter, AVP, Baybank Systems, Inc

“You guys wrote the best damn software I’ve ever seen” – Keith Sweet, Magnum Tech

“I appreciate the ease of use and direct link to Microsoft EXCEL” – John Seitz, President, Clinical Research Services.

“Fantastic!!” – David Hole, Assistant Professor, Utah State University.

“Great job! I never thought it would take less than 15 minutes to get the SoftwareWedge to do what I needed. I have not been this satisfied with a software product since DOS 5!” – Mark Soldini, Leaseplan

“Excellent package, easy-to-use, a great time-saver” – John Ambrose, Inco Ltd., J.Roy Gordon Research Lab.

“Excellent Product!!” – Tim Roberts, Sr. Engineer, Westinghouse

“This product has saved me many programming hours” – Glenn Dixon, Analytical Lab


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I have always received excellent support with Bibliographic software from your team. Thanks a lot.

AM, London, UK

Thanks again for your help. EndNote is a great product and I am constantly telling students, colleagues and friends about it.

JS, Dundee, UK

Very happy with the service. Very professional staff and always helpful.

UO, Athlone, Ireland

Excellent service received with queries I had when I had the trial EndNote. This was a factor which prompted me to go on to buy the product. An excellent service was received in response to a problem after the purchase of endnote.

JB, Manchester, UK

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