What’s New in GRAMS 9.1

Based on your feedback we have updated the entire suite to support enhanced data import, provide compatibility for Windows 7 64-bit and simplify its install, uninstall and licensing.

We have increased the speed of a number of Array Basic programs and provided command line access to the GRAMS file conversion capabilities. The ability to export as ASCII, JCAMP, and ANDI formats directly from the File menu has returned, and we have retained the legacy export tool for backwards compatibility (under the Data Conversion subfolder accessed from the Start menu).

We have added conversion capabilities for the Analytical Spectral Devices Inc. Indico format files.

GRAMS can now be deployed directly from a web browser using the optional Thermo WebAccess (TWA). TWA allows GRAMS to be installed on a central server and used remotely via a web browser as if it were running on the user’s desktop.

GRAMS Convert – allows the bulk transformation of any supported instrument data files on your system to the industry standard GRAMS SPC format. It can intelligently scan multiple directories, converting known file formats into SPC format..

GRAMS IQ – GRAMS IQ is a simple graphical tool for chemometric model creation, maintaining the industry standard functionality of PLSplus/IQ and adding a step-by-step graphical interface:

  1. Import sample data usingGRAMSConverters.
  2. Import reference data through the new matching wizard.
  3. Analyse the data graphically to determine the mos tinformative regions and modelling parameters.
  4. Define plots to test the model by self-reference or validation sets to identify outliers and areas for improvement.
  5. Build calibrations and user-definable reports.

Simple install / uninstall – we have adopted a standard windows installer approach which allows you to specify the default location of your data files (this is important in more security conscious operating systems such as Vista). Site licence administration has been simplified for network installations.

Licence management – has been enhanced to remove the need for hardware dongles.

Windows Vista Pro compatibility – GRAMS security, installation and file management have been updated for compatibility.

Enhanced data file import – in addition to increasing the number of formats available to 180 the import wizard allows simple selective import of data from complex formats such as NMR and Mass Spectrometry.

Speed enhancements – Array Basic Utilities, such as ‘XY to Even’, have been enhanced to allow rapid calculations on multi-files with eSignatures.

What can GRAMS 9.1 do for me?

GRAMS convert will help you keep your Spectroscopy data collection in order – it can automatically find, identify and convert files it finds within your file system to the SPC standard – ensuring that all data is easily accessible whenever you need it without the original data capture package.

GRAMS IQ has been designed from the ground up to simplify the process of multivariate model construction for spectroscopy.

Unlike generalist multivariate software packages GRAMS treats data as a spectrum rather than a spreadsheet, allowing the effects of pre-processing and region selection to be seen in real time. Spectra from multiple directories may be imported using SmartConvert and then matched with reference data from a spreadsheet or the clipboard. This is carried out using a new wizard, which highlights possible data misalignments before linking spectra and reference data.

In summary the new GRAMS suite continues to deliver the most comprehensive set of multi-vendor compatible tools in the Spectroscopy marketplace ensuring your organization can capture, manipulate, search and quantify all of your spectral data in a single easy to use environment.


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Your technicians are always really friendly, reassuring and helpful.

HM, Cambs, UK

Amazing, wish I had learned about Endnote 5 years ago

Many thanks for the prompt reply – I went ahead and purchased the download and was able to upgrade as you promised – fantastic service! I shall be recommenting Adept Scientific to anyone who’ll listen to me!

SF, Leicester, UK

Huge amount learnt, much more than I expected. Appreciate the ability of the programme much more than I did before.

PA, Liverpool, UK

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