ChemBioOffice is a scientifically intelligent, integrated suite of personal productivity tools that enables scientists and researchers to capture, store, retrieve and share data and information on compounds, reactions, materials and their properties. ChemBioOffice helps chemists and biologists to efficiently keep track of their work, visualize and gain a deeper understanding of their results and correlate biological activity with chemical structures. ChemBioOffice includes the following applications:

  • ChemBioDraw is used by hundreds of thousands of scientists around the world to quickly and effectively draw molecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways for use in documents and electronic lab notebooks; to search databases; and to generate accurate names from structures and to predict properties and spectra.
  • ChemBioDraw for Excel adds chemical intelligence to Excel spreadsheets so that chemists can use Excel’s analysis, sorting and organization tools to further manipulate and enrich sets of compounds and data and explore structure-activity relationships
  • ChemBio3D generates 3D models so that chemists can view their compounds in three dimensions to assess shape and properties to maximize activity or specificity.
  • ChemBioFinder is a chemically-intelligent personal database system that scientists use to organize their compounds and to search for and correlate structures with properties and to transform data into easy to understand graphs to easily discern structure-activity relationships

The tight integration that ChemBioOffice provides between these chemistry and biology applications enhances their individual value by enabling cross functional R&D teams to easily share files and documents and therefore communicate and collaborate more effectively. ChemBioOffice includes optional personal versions of the E-Notebook ELN and Inventory applications for recording experiments and their outcomes and tracking samples and their locations in an integrated suite of scientifically intelligent applications. ChemBioOffice enhances scientists’ personal productivity and helps them do better science by enabling them to organize and explore their compounds, reactions, materials and associated properties so that data can be turned into actionable information, and decisions can be made with greater confidence.

ChemBioOffice Ultra 13.0 Suite

Applications included:

ChemBioDraw Ultra 13.0 ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro 13.0 ChemBio3D Ultra 13.0 ChemBioFinder Ultra 13.0 ChemBioViz Pro 13.0 ChemDraw/Excel Pro 13.0 ChemBioFinder for Office 13.0 CombiChem/Excel Pro 13.0 BioDraw Ultra 13.0 ChemNMR Pro 13.0 Struct=Name Pro 13.0 ChemScript Pro 13.0 E-Notebook Ultra 13.0 MestRe Nova Std/Lite MOPAC 2009 for ChemBio3D 13.0 Autodock CONFLEX GAMESS Pro 13.0 Gaussian Jaguar
Databases Included:
ChemACX 3 month Subscription ChemInfo 3 month Subscription (ChemIndex, NCI, AIDS)

Highlights in Version 13.0:

ChemBioDraw® – Scientifically Intelligent Drawing Tools

  • Biopolymer toolbar with disulfide and lactam bridges, beta and D-amino acids, DNA, RNA,protecting groups and linkers
  • Paste peptide, DNA and RNA sequences and have them interpreted chemically with sequence wrapping and shaping
  • New Gel Electrophoresis Plate Tool provides arbitrary rotation for lane labels, drag and position band labels, paste data from Excel or other sources, and copy and paste between lanes
  • Calculators for pKa, LogD and LogS enable scientists to explore important bioavailability properties such acid dissociation, distribution and aqueous solubility for putative compounds
  • Collaboration is easier than ever as scientists can now use Dropbox™ to save , share and import ChemBioDraw structures, reactions and drawings using a secure, sharable Cloud location

ChemBio3D® – Molecular Graphics and Computational Methods

  • Use ChemBio3D to set up Autodock runs to dock flexible ligands into receptors of known 3D shape and compare the goodness of fit
  • Set up CONFLEX® runs to quickly explore conformational space and identify minimum energy conformations for small and large molecules
  • Collaboration is easier than ever as scientists can now use Dropbox to save , share and import ChemBio3D models using a secure, sharable Cloud location

ChemBioFinder™ – Database Management and Search

  • A chemically and biologically intelligent database manager and search engine
  • Cluster analysis helps scientists discover similarities within sets of compounds and properties.

E-Notebook™ – Electronic Laboratory Notebook

  • Scientists appreciate the new flexibility of being able to work offline and then synchronize later with the online version
  • Scientists can quickly and accurately find information they need using full text search of collections, documents and styled text fields to

Inventory™ – Inventory Management

  • Scientists can search the ChemACX™ database and use the results to request containers from suppliers by creating shopping carts
  • Users can request internal chemical substances which can be approved or rejected by an administrator


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