vecxlwssmVector Math Acceleration Module

DADiSP/VectorXL accelerates vector math computations by using the Math Kernel Library from Intel. Speed improvements by 20% to 60% are common.

The MKL Library provides highly optimized vector routines based on the the VML Vector Math Library. The algorithms are specifically tuned to Intel processors to provide outstanding performance.

Simply install DADiSP/VectorXL and any routine that employs a supported vector math function or operation automatically benefits from accelerated computation.

Key Features

  • Simple Deployment – just Install and Run
  • 20% to 60% Speed Improvements
  • Optimised Performance on Intel Processors
  • Multi-threaded Execution for even Faster Execution on Multi-Core Systems
  • Speeds up any Vector Math based Analysis

VectorXL bar graphVector Acceleration Module
A vector or data series is a basic data type important to many technical data analysis applications, including signal processing, medical, geophysical, acoustic, statistics and many more.

Vector math operations include adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing one series by another as well as computationally expensive operations such as trigonometric, hyperbolic and power functions. These are the core mathematical functions for almost any series based analysis.

VML Library
VML, Vector Math Library, is a set of highly optimized vector computation functions supported by the Intel Math Kernel Library, MKL. The VectorXL Module is based on VML to automatically take advantage of the latest instruction sets, parallelism, and algorithms to provide outstanding performance on Intel based processors. Performance gains of 20% to 60% over the standard built-in vector math functions are acheived.

Ready to Use
VectorXL is completely automatic, simply install the module and vector math functions immediately run faster – no settings to change, no code to rewrite. In addition to core math routines, any custom or built-in function that relies on vector processing experiences the same performance gain. VectorXL is a straightforward way to accelerate any vector math based computations and is the perfect complement to DADiSP/FFTXL, the FFT Acceleration Module and DADiSP/MatrixXL, the Matrix Acceleration Module to provide some of the most highly optimized technical data analysis routines available today.

DADiSP/VectorXL requires DADiSP 6.5 B05 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

VectorXL Vector Math Acceleration Module

VectorXL automatically accelerates vector math computations and operations. In addition, custom or built-in routines that make use of vector calculations experience significant speed improvements. Below is a list of routines provided by DADiSP that benefit directly from the VectorXL Module.

Vector Operations and Functions

+ Vector Add
Vector Subtract
* Vector Multiply
/ Vector Divide
^ Vector Power
acos Inverse Cosine
acosh Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine
asin Inverse Sine
asinh Inverse Hyperbolic Sine
atan Inverse Tangent
atanh Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent
cos Cosine
cosh Hyperbolic Cosine
sin Sine
sinh Hyperbolic Sine
tan Tangent
tanh Hyperbolic Tangent
abs Absolute Value
ceil Ceiling
exp Exponential
floor Floor
log Natural Log
log 10 Log Base 10
sqrt Square Root


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