pnrf1smHBM PNRF Import Module

DADiSP/PNRF is a dialog based module to read data files saved in HBM (1) Perception Native Recording File format. PNRF files of any size and number of channels are supported.

Designed for data generated by a variety of data acquisition systems, DADiSP/PNRF imports data channels saved in a PNRF file and automatically applies the necessary data scaling along with channel specific sample rates and engineering units.

Key Features

  • Simple User Interface
  • Fast and Direct PNRF, NRF and LRF Import
  • Reads Files of any Size
  • Optimised series processsing for fast loading of huge files.
  • Preserves Original Data Channel Properties
  • Optional Automatic Display of Imported Channels

pnrfsmPerception Native Recording File
The HBM Perception Native Recording File, or PNRF, stores multiple channels of data generated by a variety of data acquisition systems in binary form. The file format was designed to efficiently store multi-channel data records.

PNRF Import
DADiSP/PNRF directly imports PNRF data files and automatically applies all data scaling and sets sample rate and engineering unit information for each channel. The imported channels can be loaded into separate Windows or combined into a single Window for display.

Multiple File Types
Single and multi-channel PNRF, NRF and LRF files are fully supported. Optimized buffered I/O provides efficient reading of huge files.

Simple Menu Interface
DADiSP/PNRF runs from the DADiSP worksheet and is accessed by a press of a button. The PNRF user interface displays important file information and automatically formats raw PNRF channel values into properly scaled engineering data. Individual channels can be selected. Channel names and date/time information is preserved.

Full Analysis System
DADiSP provides a complete analysis, display, and processing environment using PNRF data. The integration of DADiSP/PNRF into DADiSP makes it easy to automate data import and analysis applications completely through SPL, Series Processing Language, macros, and command files.

DADiSP/PNRF requires DADiSP 6.5 B05 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

HBM PNRF Import Module

DADiSP/PNRF is a fully dialog based module. However, the following functions can be used on a standalone basis to read PNRF files.

PNRF Functions

readpnrf Read a PNRF, NRF or LRF file
rpnrfgui Invoke the PNRF GUI


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