DADiSP Comtrade 2.2

COMTRADE Data File Import Module

IMPDADiSP Comtrade 2.2 is a menu-driven module that extends DADiSP’s importing functionality allowing users to import COMTRADE (IEEE Standard Common Format for Transient Data Exchange) files.

Designed specifically for the power utility indiustry DADiSP/Comtrade imports COMTRADE data files by converting information in the COMTRADE configuration file into a fully qualified DADiSP header file. This header is automatically processed by DADiSP’s Import Facility providing a complete import of data into a DADiSP format.


Key features

  • Simple user interface.
  • Fast and Direct COMTRADE File Import.
  • Automatic header conversion preserves important data properties.

DADiSP/Comtrade new features

DADiSP/Comtrade Version 2.2 has been redesigned with an updated and simplified user interface. Important file summary information is displayed and the complete CFG header can be previewed to provide a quick overview of the file contents. Individual channels can be selected and imported channels are optionally loaded into one or more Windows for immediate display.

Both ASCII and binary COMTRADE files are supported. The original or revised COMTRADE specification is automatically detected and processed.


Comtrade 2.2 new features summary

  • Updated and streamlined user interface.
  • Individual channel selection for import.
  • Optional automatic display of imported channels.
  • Support for binary files.
  • Support for revised COMTRADE specification.


COMTRADE data file import module

COMTRADE (Common Format for Transient Data) is an important IEEE standard (C37.111) developed explicitly for the power industry. The standard defines a common format for data files used for the interchange of various types of fault, test or simulation data for electrical power systems. The IEEE standard also describes the sources of transient data such as digital protective relays, digital fault recorders and transient simulation programs and discusses the sampling rates, filters and sample rate conversions for the transient data being exchanged. The C37.111-1999 standard establishes that the following files are necessary for the data exchange: header file (.hdr), configuration file (.cfg) and data file (.dat).

COMTRADE header conversion

DADiSP/Comtrade imports COMTRADE data files by automatically converting information in the COMTRADE configuration file (*.cfg) into a DADiSP header file. The header is processed by DADiSP’s Import Facility to fully import COMTRADE data into a DADiSP series.

COMTRADE ASCII and binary formats

Both ASCII and binary COMTRADE file formats are supported. The original or revised file specification is automatically detected and fully processed. PTR (Potential Transformer Ratio) and CTR (Current Transformer Ratio) scaling factors are applied to the appropriate analogue channels.

Simple menu interface

DADiSP/Comtrade runs from the DADiSP worksheet and is accessed by the press of a button. The COMTRADE user interface displays important file information and allows for individual channel selection. COMTRADE time and count channels are optionally supported. Once the COMTRADE parameters have been defined the COMTRADE data is imported into DADiSP using the specific data acquisition settings provided in the configuration file. The imported channels can be plotted for immediate display.

Full analysis system

DADiSP provides a complete analysis, display and processing environment using COMTRADE data. The integration of DADiSP/Comtrade into DADiSP makes it easy to automate data import and analysis applications completely through SPL (Series Processing Language), macros and command files.


DADiSP/Comtrade requires DADiSP 6.0 B18 or higher. Contact us for information about updating your current version of DADiSP.

COMTRADE functions

DADiSP/Comtrade is a fully menu driven module. However, the following functions can be used on a standalone basis to read COMTRADE files.

COMTRADE Functions
cfgimport Import a COMTRADE file into a dataset.
cfg2head Convert a COMTRADE header into a DADiSP header.


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