"MathType Requires a Newer Version of MT Extra"

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Mathtype 1F72 MathType 4.0 users, upon launching MathType, either by itself or from within another application, receive the following error message: "MathType Requires a Newer Version of MT Extra" Despite having successfully installed MathType and even used it previously without receiving an error. Pressing the OK button will allow MathType to run, but a number of important characters will be missing and replaced by empty boxes in equations. Reason The original version of MT Extra, which is still distributed with many word processing, publishing, and test generation programs, contains only 43 characters. The enhanced version of the MT Extra font included with MathType 4.0 contains 145 characters. When MathType 4.0 is launched, the program checks the version of MT Extra being used because many of the characters in the new version are used by MathType 4.0's templates and are offered on its palettes. If the older version is installed, the expected characters are replaced by empty boxes. To understand this problem, it is important to understand how Windows handles fonts in its Fonts folder. If multiple files exist for the same font, only one will be displayed in the Windows Fonts Control Panel. Windows may be using an older version of MT Extra, even though the newer version has been properly installed. If you reinstall or upgrade your word processor, manually install the equation editor that comes with your word processor, install a new program that contains an equation editor, apply a service release or patch to your word processor, or use the "Detect and Repair" feature that comes with Microsoft Word 2000, very often these installers will overwrite the version of MT Extra that comes with MathType 4.0, resulting in an error message when launching MathType because the newer, enhanced version of MT Extra has been overwritten. Solution Both solutions in this notice are equally effective. We provide both options so that users who are familiar with Windows can free up some additional space by removing unnecessary copies of MT Extra from their hard drive. If you are unfamiliar with the Fonts Control Panel and the use of Windows Explorer, you should use the MathType Setup program, which will correct the problem, but leave multiple copies of the MT Extra font installed on your computer. If you are familiar with the Fonts Control Panel and the use of Windows Explorer, you should manually install the MathType 4.0 version of MT Extra after removing extra copies of MT Extra from your Fonts directory per the instructions below. Using MathType Setup to reinstall fonts The MathType Setup program is in your MathType folder. To run it, do the following: 1.Choose Run from the Windows Start menu. 2.Click on the Browse button. 3.In your MathType directory is a file called Dssetup.exe. Double-click on it. You will be returned to the Run dialogue. 4.Click okay to run MathType Setup. 5.Fill in the fields in the Personalize MathType window. 6.The MathType Setup window will open. Make sure that "Install" is selected and click OK. The MathType installer will reinstall MathType and all of its fonts, including MT Extra. Manually installing the MathType 4.0 version of MT Extra You can manually install MT Extra, but you should first remove all the copies already installed on your computer. Note: Because only one copy of MT Extra will be shown in the Fonts Control Panel at a time, you must refresh your fonts list after deleting each copy of it so that if another copy of MT Extra is in your fonts folder, it will appear. It may be necessary to delete and refresh your list a number of times to delete all copies of MT Extra. If another copy of MT Extra appears in your fonts list, the actual file name for the font will be different. 1.Choose Control Panel from the Settings menu of Windows Explorer. 2.Open the Fonts Control Panel. 3.Look for the MT Extra font and delete it. 4.Press F5 to refresh your list of fonts. 5.Look for the MT Extra font again. If it appears, delete it again. 6.Continue steps 3-5 until MT Extra no longer appears in your list of fonts. 7.From the File menu of the Fonts Control Panel, choose "Install new font". There is a copy of the enhanced version of MT Extra in \MathType\Fonts\TrueType. 8.Single-click on MT Extra and click OK. MT Extra should be installed into your Fonts folder and you should no longer receive an error message when launching MathType. Mathtype 4 en

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