Whats fixed in EndNote 8.0.2?

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Platform: Win 2000 Win XP
Version: 8
Article Ref.: 1B7E
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EndNote 1B7E Updates included in EndNote 8.0.2 Connection files Selecting UTF-8 formatting in a connection file brings in selected data correctly. Improved error messages provided when using connection files to access data sources. Favourite settings, including username/password, for connection files are retained when remote search is cancelled. Call number information in University of Chicago connection file imports correctly. Connection file updated for access to Ecole Poly de Montreal. Field editing option for headline case found in the Web of Science connection file works properly for secondary title and alternate title fields. Generic Bibsys search using different formats of an author name works properly. Searches with diacritical characters work properly on LIBRIS, Stockholm University. Converting EndNote libraries An earlier EndNote library containing blank records converts to version 8 without crashing. An earlier EndNote library containing blank records and exported in XML format imports into EndNote 8 properly and without crashing. After converting an earlier EndNote library, a new version is saved properly. Smart quotes are ignored in the library conversion and import process. When upgrading, the preview output style selection defaults to "annotated" unless the user has redefined the default output style and it exists in the new installation. Cite While You Write All cited references are included in the travelling library when a note is in the document. Chinese OS: All cited references are included in the travelling library. CWYW tools function properly when OS is set to languages using double-byte characters. Characters with diacritics can be entered using keyboard shortcuts with Instant Formatting enabled. Export Document type definition (DTD) is included for the EndNote XML export. Exported RTF document stays within printer boundaries when opened in Word and no longer presents underscores or hex characters. Import Direct export no longer prompts to select an import filter. Duplicate settings during import works properly. Importing an EndNote 7 library includes images when the .DATA folder is present. Improved importing from PubMed when searching for certain terms in the Abstract field. Improved insertion of multiple records by either importing an EndNote library or using drag and drop between two EndNote libraries. Improved performance importing text files. Progress bar now appears during import of references. The filter editor inserts the Number field correctly for the Generic reference type and no longer behaves as the Author field. Direct export from Web of Science imports up to 500 references in a result set properly. Corrected importing of Web of Knowledge 3.0 field-tagged alerts received via email. Web of Knowledge email alerts import author names properly. New import filter included in 8.0.2. Abstracts from the Web of Knowledge now import properly. Installation "Configure Handheld Sync" option is now available on the Tools menu. Improved ability to modify the installation of EndNote using Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. No longer installs GDIplus.dll defined as a security risk by Microsoft. Site installer no longer displays a license agreement during the installation process. Multi-user installation CWYW tools are installed in Word 2002 and 2003 using Netsetup. Netsetup installation improved. Miscellaneous "Save a copy" function correctly overwrites existing copy on subsequent "save" command. A progress dialog is added to many long operations. Help glossary works properly. Subject bibliography Help is active. The Change Case setting in the Endnote preferences now takes precedence over the Title Capitalization setting to properly present terms such as USA instead of uSA. Output Styles Cited pages are preceded with a space in repeated citations. Defining reference type templates in the output style editor correctly identifies the reference type. Editor name format functionality restored in output style. Journal names now follow the format selected in an output style (full, abbreviated, etc.). Output style setting to group references cited together now assigns a single number properly. Singular and plural settings in output styles work properly. Sorting of "Anonymous Works" correctly sorts by full title in place of author. The Output Style editor allows for the insertion of new fields in the bibliography template setting without crashing. Preferences Apply button becomes active upon adding an open library to the library list in Preferences. Autosuggest preference is honoured in Term list preference setting. Default reference type defined in preferences works correctly. EndNote no longer crashes when double-clicking on fields in Preferences>Duplicates setup. Field order is retained during reference type customization. The correct field order is maintained for customized reference types when upgrading from version 7 or when customizing a reference type in 8.0.2. The Generic reference type is unchanged when modifying reference types and using the "apply to all reference types" function. Reference Copy All characters (Unicode) appear correctly when using "Copy Formatted" and exporting as RTF. Improved transfer of records between libraries. Reference Edit Performance improved when saving reference edits. Inserting a term from Term lists works properly without crashing. Inserting from the term lists no longer removes other field edits. Locating terms with "Go To" command now scrolls automatically to each occurrence of the term. Mouse scroll wheel now functions properly in the reference-editing window. Reference edit allows highlighting text in a single field only. Reference titles using default and larger fonts are no longer truncated when editing a reference. Entering Korean language in EndNote 8 no longer reverts back to English after each keystroke. Note: issues remain in right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. The userdic.tlx dictionary contains four words as in previous versions. URL field containing Kana, Kanji or Chinese characters work properly. Reference List The application window size is remembered from session to session. The preview window appearance and size is remembered from session to session. Changing a display field to "unused" now removes it from the reference list display. The library display can now be sorted alphabetically by the Reference Type field. Em and en- dash or single/double quotation marks display properly in preview pane and word processing document. File paths are now displayed in the reference list when the URL field is selected as one of the display fields. Previously only links to the internet were displayed. Improved sorting of title or journal title fields with records containing double-byte characters (Unicode). Inserting a keyword from the Terms lists dialog works properly. Reference window sizing is retained. Selecting multiple references using a vertical drag action is restored. Selecting References>Find Duplicates works properlyno longer produces a "service generic error" message. Sorting a subset of records does not change default sort on Show All records. Subset of records is maintained when editing or deleting references. Correct record is highlighted when dragged and dropped into a library. All records in a subset are selected when changing to Show All view. RTF Document Scan RTF Document Scan handles multiple citations correctly. It was advancing the second and subsequent authors in a multiple unformatted citation to the following citations. Cut and Paste works with WordPerfect versions 912. Full reference footnotes format correctly using RTF Document Scan. Korean: References are now matched and there are no corrupted characters appearing in the RTF Document scan. Search Inserting from the term lists into a search window works properlyno longer crashes. Search window allows use of the shortcut key, CTRL+1, to open author, keyword and journal term lists after the fields are selected in the search strategy. The use of parentheses in search parameter works properly. Shortcut keys Close All functionality restored. Shortcut key Ctrl+1 is restored for Authors, Journals and Keywords term lists. Spell check EndNote 8 spell checks customized reference types without crashing. Medical journal and foreign dictionaries are now available in spell checker. Spell check alerts users to possible domain misspellings in any field when "ignore domain names" is unchecked in spell check options. Spell check runs successfully when EndNote 8 is installed to any drive location. User spell check dictionary settings are now retained when adding new terms to the user dictionary. Term lists Import of medical.txt term list and other large files works properly. Term list with a Unicode filename now imports correctly. Term lists are available in the Search dialog. Demonstration program The demo preview pane behaviour is corrected when installed over an older full version. Selecting Data Visualization in demo version works properly. The demo installer creates a new directory called "EndNote Demo" rather than installing into an existing EndNote program directory. The Manuscript Template Wizard opens properly in the EndNote demo. Installing & Upgrading EN EndNote Win 2000 8 en All

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