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EndNote Web 13E3A A summary of the changes to the terminology surrounding EndNote Web. We've had a number of queries regarding the changes to EndNote Web terminology. Below is a further explanation based on the information we have currently. Thomson Reuters are doing away with the term "EndNote Web", not the product itself. This is not that clear, as they have not yet completely removed it from their web pages yet, so you may still see it referred to in places. We are also currently working our way through our web site to remove references to it and to provide changed information. Thomson Reuters are stating that there are 2 versions of EndNote, One is called "EndNote", which is where the user has a copy of the desktop version, giving them access to an online account with 5GB of attachments (the same as previous if the EndNote Web account had been linked to a desktop library). The second one is called "EndNote Basic" and this 'online only' account can be created and used by anyone at all for free. It is a cut down version in that it has only 2GB for attachments, only 21 styles (decided by Thomson Reuters) and only 5 database connections. We think there are actually 3 versions, as there is one that is used via a Web of Knowledge subscription (usually at a University site). This one is the "Basic" account but it will have access to all the styles and database connections set up by the University (just like this type of "EndNote Web" account did) but now it also has the 2GB for attachments. If anyone sets up a "Basic" account and then at a future date links it to a desktop library by doing a Sync, it will upgrade the account to a full "EndNote" account, hence allowing 5GB for attachments. These "EndNote" accounts last for 2 years from the date they are linked to the desktop library, after that time they are changed to a "Basic" account, so nobody actually loses access to their references. If they link their account to a newer version of EndNote at any time, the account will be upgraded for another 2 years. Accounts via WoK will have the same rolling 366 days from the last login on campus as they used to, after which they will also be set back to the "Basic" account. This change to the online version of EndNote is not limited to X7 users, all existing users should have seen the change already. They may have previously seen one of the following at the top of the screen when they logged in:- Now they will see one of these:- They will also have access to attachments via the 'Organize/Manage Attachments' tab:- So depending on how users used to use "EndNote Web", they will either get the same level of features or more, so everyone wins. Serious researchers will use EndNote desktop so they get access to all the great time savers like 'Find Full Text' and 'Import PDF', then they will Sync their Library to their online account, so they can access their reference anywhere in the world, including via a mobile or the iPad app. For those of you that have further questions, please contact or reply to this message and one of our moderators will be in touch. General Information EndNoteWeb All All en Y EndNote

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