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Brand Image Analysis with QDA Miner and WordStat

Brand image and personality have been widely studied in marketing. Researchers want to know what consumers think of a specific brand and want to see if there is a similarity between the brand image the company to compare the brand personality of two store chains (Walmart and Target) and two brands of athletic clothes and shoes (Nike and Adidas). The authors used QDA Miner to codify interview responses and to identify distinct personality dimensions associated with each brand.

Coding and Analysing Open-Ended Questions

Both QDA Miner and WordStat offer useful tools for coding and analysing open-ended questions. The answer to the question about which software to use really depends on a variety of factors such as, the quantity of responses one has to code. The available time and financial resources to code and analyse those responses as well as whether the data comes from a one-time survey or from either a recurring survey or an ongoing data-collection process.

Voice of the Customer Data Analysis

What is Media Framing Analysis?

Media Framing Analysis is a growing area in communication research focussing on how media represents a specific topic by drawing attention to specific issues at the expense of others, the various factors and actors that may exert influence on this selection process, and the potential impact news framing may have on its audience's perceptions and actions.

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