ChemBioDraw Whitepaper - Simplifying Collaboration for the Chemistry Department at Princeton

This new White Paper describes how a site subscription for the Chemistry Department at Princeton has simplified deployment of ChemBioDraw across the faculty, reduced IT and administrative costs and promoted collaboration amongst individuals, groups and departments.

Free Whitepaper - An in-depth comparison between Chem&BioDraw and MDL® ISIS/Draw

This document compares the two most widely used chemical structure drawing packages, CambridgeSoft's Chem & Bio Draw and MDL's ISIS/Draw. It looks at three general areas of functionality: query generation for chemical database searching, scientific presentation graphics, and desktop Cheminformatics tools. Both of these applications accomplish the first of these, but only ChemDraw covers all three at the level demanded by research scientists and chemoinformaticians.

Manchester Metropolitan University picks ChemDraw

Organic Chemistry students at Manchester Metropolitan University are using ChemDraw, supplied in the UK by Adept Scientific, which will enable them to better illustrate their work with clear molecular structures.

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