Error message '-1712' is being received when using EndNote on Mountain Lion 10.8.2

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Category: Literaturverwaltung > EndNote
Platform: OS 10.8.2
Version: X4 X5 X6
Article Ref.: 13BA6
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EndNote 13BA6 Description of the cause of the error. Update: Thomson Reuters have released a patch for EndNote X6 users which will resolve this issue. The EndNote X6.0.2 patch update can be obtained by clicking here. You will need to install the X6.0.1 update prior to installing this update. There is a known issue withOSX 10.8.2that will cause Cite While You Write to either freeze while formatting or give you a -1712 (time out error). While a bit technical, this is what is currently known about the problem: The problem is specific to theOS X 10.8.2 updatespecifically, not EndNote or Word. The problem is directly related to the use of the AESendMessage/AESend functions used with typeApplicationBundleID or typeApplSignature for the target type. Using typeKernelProcessID for the target type still works. However EndNote uses the bundle signature. Killing the appleeventsd daemon fixes the problem temporarily (Antonin Hildebrand discovered this fact). This can also be done by logging out then logging back in. Note:We recommend those experiencing this issue should contactAppledirectly. This can help prioritize the effort. Here is the link to contactApple: To kill the appleeventsd process directly please do the following: 1. If EndNote or Word are stuck, restart both applications. 2. Go to Applications: Utilities. 3. Run the Activity Monitor found there. 4. Set the "Show" option at the top of the window to AllProcesses (not My Processes which is default). 5. Click the column header "Process Name" to sort alpabetically. 6. Highlight the appleeventsd process. 7. Click the Quit Process button. 8. Try using EndNote or Word now. The above indicates that the problem is likely to be some kind of stale cache used by appleeventsd for mapping bundle ids and 4-letter application signatures to process ids. It also indicates that triggering this problem involves relaunching the target application (in order to give it a new process id). This has been confirmed by a user (Torsten Grust) in the context of MailMate/SpamSieve. More information can also be found on the following pages: hanging-on-os-x-10-8-2 And many others. EndNote and Microsoft Word EndNote OS 10.8.2 X4 en Bibliography

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