Why won't the Reference Manager Web Publisher run as a Windows Service on Server 2003?

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Category: Literaturverwaltung > Reference Manager
Platform: Windows Server 2003
Version: 12 12 Network Web Publisher
Article Ref.: 13AE6
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Reference Manager 13AE6 The Service must be started manually. This procedure assumes: Reference Manager Single User Edition is installed - it will NOT work with the Network Edition. You have followed the instructions in the user manual. You're logged on as an Administrator. Make Sure the Web Publisher is Turned Off 1. Start Reference Manager 12. 2. Click 'Tools' > 'Web Publisher'. 3. Click the 'Configure' tab and verify the IP (e.g. and port number (e.g. 80) are correct. 4. Select the 'Enable Web Publisher' radio button and click 'Apply'. N.B. At this stage we're choosing the normal Web Publisher, NOT the Web Publisher as a Service. 5. Select the 'Disable Web Publisher' radio button. Click 'Apply' again and close Reference Manager 12. 6. Go to the Windows Task Manager and press 'End Process' on any instances of RM12.exe that may be running. Manually Installing the Web Publisher Service 7. Hold down the Windows Key () and press R on your keyboard. This will bring up a Run box. In it type CMD and press Enter on your keyboard. i. At the command prompt, type: cd C:\Program Files\Reference Manager 12\WebPublisher\thirdparty\Apache2\bin ii. Press Enter on your keyboard. iii. Type: RMWP_Apache_Admin.exe -n RMWPService -k install -f "C:\Documents and Settings\ \Application Data\ISI ResearchSoft\RefMan 12\Web Publisher\conf\httpd.conf" iv. Press Enter N.B. Don't forget to replace with your actual user name. Please be aware of spaces and quote marks. If you find this doesn't work, make the 'Application Data' not 'Hidden' and not 'Read Only'. Turning On the web Publisher Service 8. Assuming the above has completed successfully... i. Click 'Tools' > 'Web Publisher' > 'Configure' tab > select the 'Enable Web Publisher' radio button and click 'Apply'. ii. Now select the 'Enable Web Publisher as a Service' radio button and press 'Apply'. iii. Double-check the IP address and port number are correct. 9. RMWPService should now appear in your Services Control Panel for you to stop, start, and configure as you wish; proceed as normal with the configuration as described in the manual. N.B. If the Services window was open whilst the above was being carried out you'll have to refresh the window, or close it and re-open it. Network / Web Publisher ReferenceManager Windows Server 2003 12 en How do I

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