Micro Saint Sharp White Paper - Using discrete event simulation to assess human lifting and assembly of vehicle armor


The Future Combat Systems (FCS) program goal is to develop the next generation of vehicles and networks for the Army. Eight configurations of Manned Ground Vehicles (MGV) are being designed as part of this effort. Requirements state that each MGV must weight less than 20 Tons to be C-130 transportable. To achieve this weight limitation the armor will be removed before flight. The armor will be flown in on a separate aircraft and installed at the destination. A specific challenge for the manufacturer of the MGVs is determining how best to utilize human resources in the installation process. This paper will describe the use of discrete event simulation to develop a human performance model that helps determine an optimal combination of manpower, armor panels, and installation equipment. Four different ?up-armor? scenarios were simulated each with different manpower, number of armor pieces, size of armor pieces, and material handling equipment requirements.

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