ChemDraw ActiveX - Plugin Viewer 10.0 (win)


ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Net allows you to view and manipulate chemical structures and molecular models online, without the capability to print, save, copy or paste a modified drawing.

Where can you use ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Net?

  • ChemFinder.Com, the Yahoo! of chemistry, can be searched by structure or substructure
  • ChemACX.Com, a database of over 300 catalogs from leading chemical suppliers, can be searched by structure or substructure with ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Net
  • Many other databases, like the CD-ROM and Internet Editions of The Merck Index, can be searched by structure or substructure
  • You can also use ChemDraw Plugin Net to view and manipulate ChemDraw structures that others have published on the web

    Save and print functions are disabled on this free Net version.

    This product is a Download Edition. You may immediately begin the download and installation process.

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