Quality Monitor Designer Upgrade Patch


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Important Notes About Patching NWA Quality Monitor

  • This patch upgrades NWA Quality Monitor releases 2.1.74 and 2.1.90 to the release 2.2.124.
  • The update on this page includes a README.TXT file that describes the new features, improvements, and fixes in detail.
  • These patches modify the portions of NWA Quality Monitor 2.1 that have changed. Do not discard your original serial-numbered CD.
  • After downloading, run the .EXE program supplied with your patch files to install the patch.
  • Important Compatibility Note: This release of Quality Monitor can use Quality Monitor Design (QMD) files created by previous releases. However, QMD files created by this release can not be used by previous releases of Quality Monitor. It will be necessary to update all Quality Monitor Workstations before using QMD files created by this release

Eleven floppy-disk-sized files are available (1.44 MB) for users who want to be able to create a set of floppies for applying the revision to other systems.

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  • Dateigröße: 14.07 MB

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