Reference Manager Import Filters Editor - Users Guide


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This guide covers the following topics:

Examining a Text File - provides general information on viewing the text file containing the references to be imported. This is a first step before getting involved with Import Filter Editor.

Getting Started with Import Filter Editor - covers how to start the program, and an introduction to the look and feel of the main screens.

Working with the Basics - overs some basic procedures you will be using as you create and modify import filters.

Working with an Import Filter - provides step-by-step instructions for creating an import filter. Describes how to add or change databases, reference types, or tags.

Testing an Import Filter - covers the process of testing your import filters using Reference Manager. This helps to ensure the import filter is going to work as intended.

Printing Import Filter Information - covers how to print and view information in Import Filter Editor. You can print only from the Database tab. All information on the selected database prints.

Troubleshooting - covers how to solve some of the common problems you might encounter.

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