Interactive Compensator Design using VisSim


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This video, which demonstrates how to design a lag-compensator with VisSim/Analyze, is most suitable for new or occasional users of VisSim software. If youre apprehensive about using VisSim for the first time, this video proves there really is nothing to worry about. It covers some of the following basic principles in dynamic simulation and model building using VisSim:

* Converting an ordinary differential equation to a form suitable for VisSim
* Assigning values to variables
* Copying/pasting/flipping blocks (from menus as well as keyboard shortcuts)
* How to add more than two signals together with a single summation block
* Root-locus and Bode Analysis
* How to design compensator blocks
* How to find the difference between two signals
* How to plot signals
* How to connect blocks together

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