Mathcad 15 demo


The Mathcad 15 demo remains available for users of previous versions who wish to migrate older worksheets to Mathcad Prime.

New to Mathcad? trial the latest version, Mathcad Prime here

PLEASE NOTE: Mathcad 15 should not be installed on a machine with a Mathcad 14 installation; it causes problems with shared components.

Mathcad 14 users should backup the V14 licence file (default location c:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad 14\licenses\license.dat) and uninstall V14 prior to installing V15. If you wish to revert to V14 after the trial period you will need to uninstall V15 and install V14 using your licence file backup.

More information

Once you have installed the trial there will be an icon for Mathcad 15 on your desktop - double-click on this to launch the software.

If there is no existing Mathcad licence on your machine you will be asked to launch the Mathcad licence wizard. Answer the questions in the wizard as follows:

  • Screen 1: I want to acquire a licence via the internet
  • Screen 2: I want a trial licence
  • Screen 3: Create Account (this takes you to PTC website to create an account)
  • Screen 4: Enter account username and password so that Mathcad 15 can get the licence

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