ISO 22000 Compliant Food Safety Systems Recorded Webinar


This webinar describes the strategy of system creation and maintenance to manage the operational aspects of prerequisite and HACCP programs, ingredient and product genealogy, and quality management with the necessary alerts and analytics to support truly intelligent process management and improvement. The session will also discuss how the FSMS links with other corporate functions such as supply chain management.

ISO 22000 Compliant Food Safety Systems will address these frequently asked questions:

  • What are the components of the FSMS specified in ISO 22000?
  • What is feasible to automate in programs such as pre-requisite conditions and HACCP management?
  • Which functions are handled by standard software modules and where is customization required?
  • What is the role of active process alerts and analytics for effective food safety management and improvement?
  • How is the FSMS operationally integrated with other enterprise computing?

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Jeffery L. Cawley, VP Market Development, Northwest Analytical, Inc.

Jeffery Cawley is VP of Market Development at Northwest Analytical, Inc. a firm providing food safety and quality information systems and manufacturing analytics. He has a focus on food safety and quality management and is a past chair of the IFT Quality Assurance Division. He has also been active in the International Society of Automation and AOAC. He is a frequent speaker and writer on the topics of food safety and quality automation. Mr. Cawley is a graduate of Juniata College and has done graduate studies at Princeton University.

ISO 22000 Compliant Food Safety Systems will examine the ISO 22000 standard and the role of standard commercial software in implementing a compliant food safety management system (FSMS). ISO 22000 is a linked standard and the FSMS is the enabling system architecture. The standard describes a FSMS that is not simply a records archive, but rather an active process management tool.

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